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Direct Client Featured in Huffpo

Direct client, Patrick Jeune aka “the Millennial Real Estate Mogul” was featured in the Huffington Post. Read the inspiring interview. “He purchased and then flipped his first property before he was old enough to rent a car. He comes from a family of people in West Philadelphia who were interested in property. His¬†father worked in construction. For his mother, it was always a start and stop process where real-estate was concerned. She now works for him at JP Holdings Group [...]


Philly’s real estate market is accelerating at a record breaking pace

“Second quarter numbers are in, proving what the local real estate world has been hinting at for months: Philly’s real estate market is accelerating at a record-breaking pace,” says Curbed. Here are five essential takeaways from the latest housing report from Drexel University economist, Kevin Gillen. 1. The average price of residential real estate just hit a new all-time high of $198,150. 2. Last year appreciation occurred at twice the speed of our historical rate and outperformed most other large U.S. [...]